A genuine source of inspiration for architects! Clean, light, crisp and flexible with a wide range of applications. A material with a unique character. A thorough knowledge of application and construction possibilities is the key to the effective use of aluminium. Aluminium requires specialists who understand. From windows, doors and curtain walls to climate façades, we are always working on developing new aluminium custom-designed solutions based on a thorough knowledge of the market and the material. Using our own design and development department, both in our own aluminium profile systems and in other, existing systems. Our years of experience ensure that we will be able to assist our clients with expert advice in any situation. The starting principle, as always, is to find the best way to make ideas a reality.



Steel is back in style. This distinctive material, perfect for classic and modern façade structures, is a great challenge for architects.

Steel is not always associated with sustainability. Depending on the situation, a steel construction can actually save money during each phase of the life of a building. Steel is 100% recyclable, three times stronger than aluminium, and steel constructions can be combined with the maximum amount of features for break-in and break-out prevention. Not only is steel used in new construction, systems for thin steel with double-pane windows are being developed for monument renovation projects, as well.




We have been developing and manufacturing uPVC façade components since 1955, so we have a rich tradition of uPVC for both windows and doors. We are the market leader in the field of uPVC façades. We produce profiles from the K-Vision series. This line of profiles was introduced in 2005 and meets the highest standards of sustainability, strength, insulation and safety. The K-Vision line consists of several profile series: Trend, Cube, Step, Classic and City. The extensive selection of profiles and colours allows us to combine efficiency with aesthetics. The K-Vision profiles can be combined with a Renolit film (wood grain structure) in RAL and wood colours and smooth foils or with a coextruded PMMA (acrylic) top layer. In addition to K-vision, Kumij also offers the Cube and AS system.